Furry sex chat sites

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Furry sex chat sites

“I have my furry friends, but I don’t tell anyone at uni.

“I’ve been asked if it’s a sexual thing and if people have sex in the fursuits and I say for a very small percentage it may be. If that kind of stuff goes on, it’s a private thing.” “It’s not sexual for me, and no way would I ever think about only looking for furries as partners.

“She’s fine with it, I explained it all and it’s nice to be able to share some of the fandom jokes with her, especially the ones that take the piss out of furries, just because it suits my sense of humour.” For Amy, a 19 year old animation student at the University of Lincoln, being a furry is not only a hobby but a part time job as well.

As well as being a DJ with a residency in Quo Vadis club in Lincoln, she also makes money as a fursuit maker. “I’m doing this as a part time and summer job so it’s very hard to say how much money I’ve made out of it.

“My boyfriend didn’t know what a furry was until recently,” Jade told The Tab.

“But with me, I think at heart I always knew that I belonged with them but was scared of going ahead and actually becoming one, if that makes sense.

“I’ve been drawing wolves, dogs and werewolves since I was young,” she says. “I started posting it online and I came across a website called Furaffinty, which is the largest art website for the furry community. Some fursuit makers charge extra for parts such as teeth, and claws and different eyes. But if it you get quite fast at making them the profit is pretty good.” Amy’s own fursuit cost her £400 to make, but she makes her money back through commissioning suits for other furries, charging £400 for a head and £1,000 for a full costume.

“I started posting my art on there and after a couple of years I became interested in the costuming side of things. “It’s a great job to have as I get to be creative and no costume is the same,” she tells us.

“But you can get cheaper and obviously the full ones are more expensive.

“The price is basically why I don’t have one.” Aside from the costumes, art is a big part of being a furry and some more explicit stuff does exist.

“There isn’t really a process of becoming Windmane.

It’s a bit like a sexuality, in that it’s not something you turn on and off. “I never actually owned horses, but my two favourite toys as a kid were these two little soft toy horses.

Along with running a DJ and dance music society at uni, she has a residency at Quo Vadis in Lincoln. “I just tell people I’m a costume maker, I enjoy going out in it, showing off and making people laugh.

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