Generating list of changesets and updating work

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In our context guide, we’ll find out how to wrap up our Ecto access and business logic behind modules that group related functionality.We’ll see how Phoenix helps us design maintainable applications, and we’ll find out about other neat Ecto features along the way.

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For a thorough, general guide for Ecto, check out the Ecto getting started guide.Some people create manifests, others don't and others ask: What exactly is a release manifest?One answer is that it's a list of all the files -- and the versions of said files -- which make up a given release.After it fetches the data, the Repo then uses our Ecto schema to map the database values back into Elixir data-structures according to our schema.We’re not just limited to basic querying – Ecto includes a full-fledged query DSL for advanced SQL generation.What if we had a requirement that all biographies in our system must be at least two characters long?

We can do this easily by adding another transformation to the pipeline in our changeset which validates the length of the There are many more validations and transformations we can perform in a changeset.

Along the way, we’ll expand our Ecto knowledge and learn how to properly isolate our web interface from the underlying details of our system.

Please take a look at the Ecto documentation for the rest of the story.

hello_dev=# \d List of relations Schema | Name | Type | Owner -------- ------------------- ---------- ---------- public | schema_migrations | table | postgres public | users | table | postgres public | users_id_seq | sequence | postgres (3 rows) hello_dev=# \qdefmodule Hello. Let’s take a closer look at our default changeset function. Changesets allow us to cast external data, such as user input on a web form or data from a CSV file into valid data into our system.

Invalid parameters will be stripped and bad data that is unable to be cast according to our schema will be highlighted in the changeset errors.

Most web applications today need some form of data validation and persistence.