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They must all match before the comment is accepted. you must wait X seconds before you can post using that token) and an expiration on these comment tokens. Note: When you enable the plugin, the firewall is not automatically turned on.This plugin contains various different sections of protection for your site and you should choose which you need based on your own requirements. It’s simple: performance and optimization – there is no reason to automatically turn on features for people that don’t need it as each site and set of requirements is different.

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The following are some simple examples to illustrate: edit.php, featured On the page, the parameter with the name ‘featured’ will be ignored.Your network firewall is designed to restrict access to your server based on certain types of network traffic.The Shield is designed to restrict access to your site, based on certain type of web calls.It doesn’t need IP Address Ban Lists (which are actually useless anyway), and instead puts hard limits on your Word Press site, and force users to verify themselves when they login.Three core security features provide layers to protect the Word Press Login system.Blocks all web requests to the site that violate the firewall security rules!

more info Provides effective security against Brute Force Hacking and email based Two-Factor Authenticated login.A NEW LINE should be taken for each new page name and its associated parameters.The first entry on each line (before the first comma) is the page name.We have taken this functionality a level further and added the concept of unique, per-page visit, Comment Tokens.Comment Tokens are unique keys that are created every time a page loads and they are uniquely generated based on 3 factors: This is all handle automatically and your users will not be affected – they’ll still just have a checkbox like the original GASP plugin.Secondly, we don’t modify a single core Word Press or web hosting file.