How do you get spam email from dating sites

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How do you get spam email from dating sites - dating sites email kenya

Accidentaly received a mail sent by " INCREDIMAIL " and tried out. Once you block the sender and bounce his mail, it is a bible. It took a while until blocked all of them and now no more spams. I use a remailer that I've had for years and they started scanning for spam. I'm with Cox Cable, which has its own spam blocker.

I was trying to figure out what the hell he was up to and it turns out he want on one or 2 dating sites...

AT&T web mail has a thing called Mailguard, where email that MAY be spam is put in its own folder to be inspected whenever. One thing that I make it a point never to do is to check the "remember me" box whenever I log onto a web site.

It's less convenient, but the little bit of extra security that it affords is worth the inconvenience.

I made the terrible mistake of entering a local contest for a new car.

The entry form asked for my email address which I gave them.

It helps a bit.(d) I don't give out my two most used accounts to just anyone.

They must be someone I actually correspond with or a newsletter I intend to actually read.If I could only get rid of my close personal friends from Nigeria who keep wanting to give me millions of dollars then every thing would be OK. I think the key to avoiding email problems is to control what goes into Outlook and doing that requires checking your email before releasing it into Outlook. My prophylaxis has often been discussed in this and other forums (fora? I have a very tight circle of email correspondents.Even so, some of them aren't so careful with their web interactions, so I'm also very careful about what email I open, especially attachments.I get around 10-15 spam e-mails a day on the weekdays, and about 20-30 on the weekends.I use Evolution with Spam Assassin, and the numbers are starting to go down. I've had this email address for about 7 years, but used a Yahoo account before that.

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