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When his English language test marks dipped to below 30 per cent last month, Harsh Kanoria's mother worriedly scanned his notebooks, emails and Facebook posts only to realise that the 15-year-old didn't write sentences any longer; he wrote in codes.It was an alien lingo, a mishmash of letter-and-number codes, acronyms and crunched words that looked straight out of a secret mission code.

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"When we were growing up, we would attend music or cultural events, go for outings with grandparents, and on really boring days there was always a game of pitthoo to be played with colony friends.The student of an elite suburban Mumbai school now spends his weekends in a counsellor's couch to "unlearn" the Facebook jargon and learn how not to bare his soul to strangers."It's shocking that youngsters put out their lives and most private moments for random strangers to see.In fact, they use codes to keep secrets from their parents who they should actually be the closest to.This makes them inhabit an unreal world of denial and extreme real-life secrecy which results in an identity crisis," says Sudha Rameshwar, a Mumbai-based child psychologist who is treating Kanoria.One automatically assumes because so many people are using it, it must be safe.

From toilet breaks to smoking up in school, everything is being posted online today without a second thought," explains Suneeta Makhchandani, 42, a student counsellor based in Gurgaon.'Ridneck; got MWI last night', 'pir ttyl' flashed a post with a picture of a gang of pals surrounded by beer bottles.Unable to decode it, Kanoria's cyber-savvy architect mother keyed in these letters on websites that explain 'teenage Facebook codes' to decipher the secret messages-'Embarrassed'; got 'drunk' last night; Parent In Room, Talk To You Later.Today, young children find themselves in completely nuclear environments.Social media is the substitute for what used to be time spent in offline social interactions," says Gopinath.They share 'E' (the drug Ecstasy), ask for 'juice' (weed), tell that hot girl in the chat window to TDTM (Talk Dirty To Me) and announce that IWSN (I Want Sex Now), after quickly announcing that they are 'Legal' (16 and allowed to have sex).