Interactive bar dating scenes

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However, Idris has been keen to stress that the film will not be a glamorising piece, instead making the focus a morality tale.

He even sends her videotaped love letters, but when she doesn't respond he does what any man would do—snags the first hot piece of ass that comes his way.

Made Sprites used for HUD larger, and made them reflect score with different emotions.

Reduced source images to final resolution used in game.

(This was previously done by the program upon loading.

The end result should be the same, but now the program doesn't have to do it every time it loads.

This scene introduces a new side character, 'Debbie', has 42 images, and 4 different endings.

(Hint: You will have to find the right balance of drinks and the amount of tips given to Debbie in order to find all of the scenes.) Planned TODO for future updates: ('Full' scenes are around 30 images, and full sex.He also records the tryst and his roommate mistakenly sends the tape to his girlfriend. Gross-out comic Tom Green relates the convoluted tale that involves selling sperm for gas money and lots of tits! This should improve loading times and reduce download size.) Fixed an issue with rng used for choosing certain scenes.Added conversation options for Abby and Brittany triggered by previous sex acts.Thank you so much for sharing the info and coming down.'Idris' latest role will see him play Ben Payne in The Mountain Between Us alongside Kate Winslet, which will be released later this year.

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