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As great as these core elements of GTA 4 are, it's the characters that steal the show and make the game truly special.

As deadly as vehicles can be - you can even manually aim a weapon while driving - it's on-foot where you'll do most damage.

"That's so cool" was said more than once in the first five minutes - before the game had even given me the controls - and it's a phrase that became increasingly common - joined by big grins - over the course of the game. Early missions revolve around helping out your cousin Roman, who runs a taxi cab business.

It's here that you'll get to grips with the ins and outs of GTA 4, including the new waypoint system for navigation (in-game GPS), your mobile phone (essentially your link to all your contacts in the game), the new combat system and the way missions work.

Do something naughty, like reverse into a patrolling police car, and you'll have a one-star wanted level.

The cop will start a pursuit, staying on you as long as he has you in his sights.

The map is split into so many different areas and suburbs that it's hard to understand how Rockstar ever managed to get this game out onto store shelves. Whereas San Andreas featured numerous relatively empty 'filler' areas, there's nothing but quality in GTA 4.

The city is full of people too, getting on with their lives, getting into fights with each other, talking on their phones and generally acting real.

Starting GTA 4 for the first time, it was hard to know what to expect.

I knew you played as Niko Belic, an ex-military guy from Eastern Europe, that the game is set in Liberty City and that Rockstar had worked on sorting out many of the issues in previous GTAs, but beyond that I came to the game pretty fresh.

Get outside the relatively small search zone for a short period of time and the search will be called off, but things can get a lot worse.

Once you get up to a three-star wanted level (shoot a cop or go on a blood-thirsty rampage) things aren't so easy, with helicopters giving the cops an eye in the sky.

You're never too far from the introduction of a new face and for the first time in GTA history Rockstar has absolutely nailed the mix of comedy and drama - helped by some brilliant voice acting and facial animation.

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