Intimidating sports colors

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Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases.

Note A perfect piebald is preferable to a muddy brindle or defective solid colour.

Jerry Solomon, President of Star Games and Brown's agent, is excited to have Jason join the team and thinks it's a great partnership.

"Jason is an extremely talented figure skater and a great personality", says Solomon. I am in the middle of the final two weeks of training for the Rio Olympics. In the middle of the week, my two Olympic teammates, Marti and Angie, and I head to the mall for some much needed time away from training.

The FCI is not a breed registry nor does it issue pedigrees.

The Bulldog, sometimes referred to as the "English Bulldog", is believed to have evolved from the Molossian dog first brought to Britain by Phoenician traders in the 6th century BC.

His general appearance is one of stability, vigor and strength.

The Bulldog is calm and dignified with a steady, even disposition.

For further details about dog registries, please see the document: Dog Breed Registries in North America.

* — The FCI is the World Canine Organization, which includes 84 members and contract partners (one member per country) that each issue their own pedigrees and train their own judges.

Note: The breed registries indicated above are the most recognized all-breed registries.

The breed may be recognized by other registries not indicated here.

Fortunately, with the beginning of the dog show era, the breed was saved by a group of fanciers determined to preserve the characteristics of the breed and eliminate all fighting and viciousness.