Invalidating families

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Invalidating someone else is not merely disagreeing with something that other person said.

If it is, then they can claim that they were merely misunderstood.

She does not really specify which environment she is talking about, but it is obviously the family in which the person grew up.

When I first read Linehan, I thought of a similar concept that I had read about in a classic book in family systems theory by Watzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson first published way back in 1967 called .

The two concepts are not just similar to each other, they go hand in hand!

This leads to the proposition that when family members seem to be invalidating another family member, the apparent invalidators may really be disqualifying themselves.

I see many kids and teens that suffer from Depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality traits in therapy.

” and some parents even go on to add, “I give her everything; she has a great life.

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Many parents want to know, “What causes my child to feel so sad , lonely, depleted, apathetic, or angry?!

While certainly one can feel conflicted over those things, the focus of the analysts was far too narrow.

Experiential therapists like Fritz Perls and Carl Rogers felt that the basic conflict was over one’s need to express one’s true nature () and doing what was expected by everyone else.

If you have to deal with people who do this, there are well-established ways to prevent them from invalidating you.