Ipod sex chat german

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Ipod sex chat german

"It didn't work out," said Ralf Michelfelder, police chief in the nearby town of Waiblingen.Kretschmer's father was a well-off businessman who legally owned 15 weapons and belonged to a gun club where his son regularly turned up for target practice, Rech said.

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"He was somewhat withdrawn, but I would never have thought (he would be capable) of anything like this," Puengel said.German police said Thursday they now doubt whether a chat room post attributed to a teenager who went on a shooting rampage is real.Police spokesman Klaus Hinderer said authorities are looking into whether the Internet postings were faked.Police said they learned of the chat from a Bavarian teen who told his father and then police about it when he realized the threat had been real.Authorities were still trying to determine Thursday what prompted Kretschmer to carry out a bloodbath on Wednesday before turning a 9mm Beretta pistol on himself after a shootout with police.A schoolgirl has won the right to use an i Pod while sitting her exams - after claiming she can only concentrate while listening to her favourite music.

The girl won the unprecedented concession after threatening legal action against her school and examination authorities.

SQA bosses have allowed the pupil, who is in the middle of her Higher exams, to listen to the i Pod as long as it can be 'proved not to contain any prompts'.

School staff are understood to be unhappy with the decision but were forced to comply as the SQA is the governing body for Higher examinations.

Afterward, he was prescribed a session of outpatient therapy, which he never began, Mahler said.

Although authorities said he had struggled in school, Kretschmer was studying sales at a vocational school.

She would not provide details on why authorities now doubt the posts.