Is lexapro activating or sedating

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Is lexapro activating or sedating - Sexchat id regestraiton

Some SSRIs can make your pelvis feel numb, with decreased sensitivity of the genitals. Most of the SSRIs make it take longer to climax, and sometimes the quality of the orgasm is reduced.This side effect is worse upon initiating the medicine and gets better over time, though for some people it is a lasting problem.

Still others, though fewer, take it right before bed and it helps them to sleep.My issue with Prozac is that it has the longest half-life of any of the SSRIs.This means that even if you stop using the medicine, it stays in your system for days or weeks.When I give my patients a prescription for Lexapro, I tell them to break the tablet in half to start.I usually start with the 10-milligram tablets, but sometimes I’ll start with 5-­milligram tablets in people who are very sensitive to medicine or have absolutely no history of taking anything that alters their brain chemistry.There are changes that occur long term in the number of catcher’s mitts produced; the postsynaptic neuron learns to accommodate the extra serotonin in the synapse by adjusting how many receptors there are. (If there were less serotonin in the synapse, the number of receptors would increase, called upregulation.) This up- and downregulation is the neurologic basis for tolerance to a drug.

If you keep on taking a drug that increases a neurotransmitter level, you will eventually develop fewer receptors for that transmitter.So there are two stages to adapting to a new antidepressant: an immediate response to having more neurotransmitter available and then a delayed, more chronic response that involves the up- or downregulation of the receptors.There may also be a lag because of neuroplasticity and BDNF needing time to do its job.The other types of antidepressants that affect other brain chemicals really don’t work that well in OCD.Unfortunately, increasing serotonin in your brain often translates into feeling less horny and making it harder to climax.One of the main advantages to using Lexapro, because it has a shorter half-life, is that you can stop it for a day or two and markedly decrease its blood level and therefore its side effects.