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Throughout the freshman year I started noticing Chaniece more and more.

You used to have to buy the CD, tape or vinyl y’know, back in the days so, I think the pros and cons that are in it are that obviously as a band, you are able to spread your music to people outside of where you’re physically at at the moment.

So right now I could pick up my phone and post a song and somebody in Japan could hear it within five minutes and that is incredible.

If people wanted to listen to a CD, they would stay at home, put headphones on and listen to it, but we’re here and we’re able to perform a show and you’re able to feel the energy, to see the sweat, to hear the flaws and everything and that is one reason a rock show is so great to go to.

So this will always be music’s outlet, music’s escape, y’know.

The fifth episode of the third season, titled 'Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame' started with an elderly man called Russell waking up to find his infected wife, Martha, up and about, but with her false teeth removed she could not bite him.

But Russell, a founding father of the camp, soon ended things by shooting himself in the head as he held his wife in a tight embrace.

Through the next couple of months I spent more time with Chaniece, I would stage study sessions, and would sit with her and her friends at lunch.

If there was a college activity I would try to be near her.

Travis: I think this next decade that we’re living in, is going to be one of the biggest changes; it’s going to be the most talked about thing for a very long time.

On how the music industry was able to stay alive and stay afloat, with downloading of music and the internet; about how easily accessible it is to get music that you used to have to pay for.

Through a God directed change in life- after attending another Christian college, and medical school, I ended up at Vision Baptist college.

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