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Deciduous trees such as oak, maple, and beech compose much of our northeastern forests.Rhododendron and holly are examples of broadleaf evergreens.

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Noting the overall condition of the vegetation along with a thorough inventory will help you decide what you want to keep and what needs to be weeded out.For example, a house with southern exposure will benefit from the strategic placement of deciduous shade trees along the southwest corner, to lower the amount of heat and glare received on summer afternoons.Climate / Microclimate In southeastern New York and the surrounding area, weather systems most often approach from the west.For most horticultural purposes, we try to achieve a good balance of particles so that water will enter the soil and be held until the particles release it to the plant roots.Generally, coarse, sandy soils are more permeable than fine-grained clay soils, but tend to lose water and nutrients too rapidly for plant roots to take up.Through the process of site inventory and analysis, you can determine elements and conditions that will impact the ultimate use and design of your landscape.

Design, when based on thoughtful inventory and analysis, can improve the environment, by creating new features based on the users' needs and keeping those features which are deemed useful and desirable.Analyze the Data After you have carefully inventoried the natural and built features, you can begin to analyze what you wish to keep, what you will remove, what needs to be modified, and what will be added.Interpret a Site's Limitations / Potential Further emphasizing a beautiful existing view is a great way to begin interpreting a site's design potential.Precipitation is usually moderate and distributed more or less evenly throughout the year, with about three inches of rain falling each month.During the hot summer months, when the evapotranspiration rate is higher than the amount of rainfall received, near drought conditions often occur.Only acid-loving plants such as Rhododendron and Azalea can tolerate and thrive in this type of soil.