Kootenai county dating introductions

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Kootenai county dating introductions

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office was using computer-aided dispatching (CAD) software from Spillman Technologies, along with a paging system from Emergin, which was designed to provide responders with CAD call information via text messaging.Emergin was purchased by another company, and as a result, support to Emergin’s customers was discontinued.

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Some of the agencies don’t want that information so Hip Link filters out who actually receives the call completions and automatically reduces duplicate paging.

Kootenai County has created various Groups where messages selectively go out.

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During paging, a call may go out to a number of individuals.

Once they receive the call, another page goes out with all of their call times, response time, and report number.Hip Link parses out the details so that they are delivered to the correct people, whether medical, a structural fire for a specific facility, or any emergency personnel. Yet, the work load has increased and call loads have risen for each of the various county agencies.Once call information is entered into Kootenai County’s Spillman CAD system, an interface automatically transfers that data into the Hip Link program.I couldn’t tell you how much of a time saver this is because Hip Link just automates everything.” The Hip Link Department Module has reduced the work load of data entry for 750 plus Receivers by distributing maintenance to other supporting agencies.Hip Link tracks who is paged within each of these various Departments.All of the call notes taken by the call taker are added.