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“It’s also one of the most debatable topics in the community, since no one uses them anymore,” says Scott “Gonzo” Bruner.

This is the third night of Sac Pick Up’s second four-day boot camp.

Barton segued online, where the self-help philosophies of von Markovik and Strauss armed him with gimmicks and inside-baseball terms such as “peacocking” and “negging.” Now, after five years, this ladies’ man is ready to teach others.

“Eventually, it just became like The Matrix: I started seeing everything in ones and zeroes,” Barton says of breaking through to a head space where macking on women is second nature.

In this case, though, the woman responds to Jonathon’s light caresses by folding herself up like a lawn chair. Barton informs Jonathon he didn’t “neg” the lady enough.

To neg is when you pay a pretty girl a backhanded compliment to level the playing field, says one former pickup coach from the Bay Area.

As the title suggests, the book was all about Strauss’ efforts to go deep undercover in these “underground seduction lairs,” where formerly awkward misfits developed tactics for wooing the stunners that ignored them back in high school.

In these lairs, these men pseudo-intellectualized romance in a low-rent—yet surprisingly effective—sort of way.The book blew up, and Strauss went on to create a new offshoot of the seduction submovement.One of the author’s main figures was Erik von Markovik, a pale beanpole who called himself “Mystery” and dressed like the magician he once was.Jonathon is compact with a boxer’s build and friendly, open face. He prefers louder atmospheres like Dive Bar, where he doesn’t have to talk much and can rely on his body language. A couple students are in this for true love, after all, and Barton’s just trying to show them how to hook that “high-value target.” “What do I say over and over again? “Never lie.” A disco-ball necklace swings from his neck, and a stuffed turtle sticks out of his pocket.A week before, Barton wore a vest made of credit cards. Mid-chat, Barton spies a bachelorette party getting seated just across the way.Nestled in a secluded corner of Dive Bar on K Street, Bryan Barton watches his two most promising students try to score.

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