Lesbian dating in new

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Lesbian dating in new - sim dating bondage

I'm looking for someone who wants to have fun just as much as I do.

I spent 8 years with a partner that I considered to be "the one".We expect women will come to for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to make friends, find a date, or just have a chat.” James has many years of experience running online lesbian communities having founded the successful lesbian dating website, over ten years ago.“is also one of the new dating apps to reject swiping.The outdoors and traveling is something I have always enjoyed.Whether it be to a foreign country or a last minute road trip in the hill country for some wine tasting or live music, I am a fan.I love to look on the bright side of life (if there isn't a silver lining, I'll find a gold lining), but at the same time, I'm practical. I want to add animal-assisted therapy (dogs), equine therapy, and neurofeedback to my future practice. I'm a hopeless romantic and I love making people happy. I have been through hell and back with previous relationships. I love listening to Country music and love going to concerts.

I would really love to meet someone who is also interested in Country music.

I can also envision a quiet evening at home, cooking a meal and enjoying a movie and a good glass of wine.

I also believe I am a fun and try my best to always be a "non-judgmental" person. What matters is that we treat others how we want to be treated.

The following is is an old profile text that I still like, so I pulled it out for a "re-run". I'm looking for a serious relationship and friendship also. I'm currently going to school majoring in biology/medicine. I listen to all types of music and watch any kind of movie. I'm a 39 year old femme lesbian who loves browing in bookstores, independent film, classic rock, bad TV, dance music, blogs, books on feminism and queer issues, writing, museums. I believe in compassion, support, knowledge, wisdom, laughter, joy, etc.

The text is slightly revised, as I´ve changed in the 3 or so years since I removed it. If you're interested in chatting/getting to know me, a picture helps :) I am a highly motivated, playful, energetic femme seeking a soft butch or butch for dating and fun. I am free spirited and love to help people in need. I love new experiences as this is all what makes like that unique adventure, meeting people, trying good food and exploring new places.

I am also blessed with twin 22 year old boys who still like to hang out with me.

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