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The garden was first created as an Old Farmer's Almanac Anniversary Garden in 1992 to celebrate 200 years of publishing the Some of the many flowers and herbs that have been planted in our garden are: hollyhock, rose, tansy, daylily, iris, blue bell, peony, false indigo, wormwood, speedwell, candytuft, columbine, lupine, chives, thyme, lavender, spearmint, and rosemary.It's a typical front-yard parlor garden, a scaled-down version of the more elaborate English manor garden.

After crossing 6 countries in 168 days, me and my loyal Guzzi arrived at Times Square #maxmundo #s2m...Experience views of Royal Phuket Marina from our live cam streaming webcam!Travel to Thailand’s favorite Island, Phuket, and enjoy uninterrupted views of Royal Phuket Marina from the live Cam.A cam on the Statue of Liberty torch focuses on the picturesque New York skyline.Webcam junkies will be familiar with the occasional electrical or mechanical problems that can result in downtime, sometimes for extended periods.The parlor garden was used mostly for flowers and herbs and marked the first formal separation of flowers and vegetables in the gardens of ordinary people.

It quickly became popular, especially in New England.

Our webcam is mounted at our headquarters in Dublin, New Hampshire, on the side of the Thomas Building, named for the founder of The Old Farmer's Almanac, Robert B. Our accounting, circulation, and information services departments are located in this building. The building is named for Robb Sagendorph (Almanac editor from 1941-1970), founder of Yankee magazine and the 11th editor of The Old Farmer's Almanac.

The small photo at the right shows the webcam mounted on the side of the building. The portion of the building in view dates from 1805.

It is now the home of AVA Restoration Services — a BMW service specialist.

Dublin Community Church — The steeple of the Dublin Community Church rises behind the Sagendorph Building.

Repairing the cameras is not always a high priority on a park’s maintenance list.

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