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Parking fees at the airport are charged by the hour. 90 to park for 30 minutes at the domestic terminal.Parking at the international terminal for 30 minutes will cost you Rs.100.

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Since he didn't have fever on Thursday, he came to school," she added.On the way to hospital, the doctor felt the boy's pulse was weak.The hospital said in a statement, "The child was brought dead to our hospital." The body was handed over to the family after the post mortem at around 5.20 pm. We are waiting for medical reports," said Ratnadeep Dalvi, the boy's father who is a tabla instructor at the school's branch in Bhandup.One of our remote suspicions is pneumonia but only a histopathological test will tell.We have collected his blood, heart, lung, kidney and spleen samples and sent it to the pathology department of JJ Hospital, Byculla for a histopathology.Favorite car rental companies include Akbar, Wheels, and Miles.

It will take you 15 minutes to get from downtown Mumbai to the airport.The student was rushed to LH Hiranandani Hospital in Powai, in a school car along with the doctor and coordinator.School authorities immediately informed the boy's parents and asked them to reach hospital.School officials said the boy was seen running along with his friends before he collapsed."Other students alerted the 'maushi' on the floor who rushed the boy to the first floor. She could feel a pulse but suggested we take him to hospital," said principal, Madhura Phadke.Arranging for cheap flights from Mumbai is easy with

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