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* To assure that the quality of the development process per se and the quality of the end product is guaranteed.* To standardise the construction of new systems and consequently maintain and upgrade them more easily than ad hoc developments.

Nowadays, instructional systems make extensive use of network technologies, especially the Internet and the World Wide Web, because of their potential, in advancing interactivity between learners and tutors, in offering flexibility concerning the way of learning, and in providing easy, one-stop maintenance and reusability of resources (Mc Cormack & Jones, 1997, Lowe & Hall 1999).Demand for collaborative tools is rising as through "blended E-Learning" the student is able to access E-Learning titles and to communicate with mentors while still being in the job setting.Research is focussing on intelligent tutorial systems, which are today mainly applicable to mathematical or science problems.This trend entails the construction of complex instructional systems, i.e.the Web-based Instructional Systems (Wb IS), that incorporate a variety of organisational, administrative, instructional, and technological components (Moore & Kearsley, 1996, Carlson, 1998).Hello, My name is Roton Patrick Marandy a Christian guy, looking for penpals all around the world.

About me, Im a religious minded, simple person and LOL.

101's matchmaking service is the easiest way to meet Christians from different churches or denominations like Baptists, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, born again singles or Methodist singles.

: D Because I am jehovah loving and loving compassionate and helpful.

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In this course practical exercises will be based on the E-Learning platform Moodle, which is available at MMC. Exercises include analysis of the learning design in sample tutorial systems such as for teaching languages, the development of an XML based quiz, and the characterisation of techniques for personalisation.

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