Ok to call guy dating

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The fact of the matter is – phone calls can make or break a relationship.How you handle this issue can be the difference between him or breaking up with you. A fulfilling, rewarding relationship is about creating the perfect balance with your guy.

The truth is, a man might really be busy, and either lost your information or he hasn’t had time to call. If you immediately spin out and assume the worst, it doesn’t leave you in a good place emotionally.

When you get down to it…it’s YOUR CHOICE to make the MEANING out of the situation that you want.

If a man doesn’t call you, you don’t have to give that a NEGATIVE MEANING.

You walk away, can’t stop thinking about him and you wonder – what is he thinking? You didn’t expect him to call so soon, but the next day you start to get worried. But they get your number anyway to feel good and to have it “just in case” they get some random urge or reason to call you in the future.

Plus, getting a woman’s number is a kind of “trophy” to show to other immature men. If he’s this kind of guy, you don’t want to hang out with him anyway.

That includes all the time you two are spending together in person as well as the time in between – when you text, email or call one another.

It will help you take control of your dating and relationship experiences.

Knowing this, continuing to do the things that keep you in a positive place is what will end up attracting the man who won’t be able to stop calling you.

I’ll talk to you again soon and best of luck in Life and Love, Your Friend, Christian Carter Author, “Catch Him & Keep Him” P. – If you want to learn more specific ways to create this positive energy in your life – which will naturally and effortlessly attract a great guy – go here and check out my free emails and tips: This article was written by a site sponsor.

If you find yourself feeling awful just because one man didn’t pick up the phone and call you, then it’s probably time to take a step back.

Are you placing too much importance on a single interaction and turning it into a reflection of your entire love life?

Always initiating contact suggests that you are becoming too dependent on him and that you need reassurance that he’s right where you want him – interested. He’ll wonder why you aren’t chasing him down like other women have.