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Ones board dating - dating christian perspective

In one of my earlier posts around self love, I touched briefly on understanding yourself and what you love.

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As I mentioned, Mrs Gregory’s words stayed with me, a couple of them now more present than ever before… Our brains have a tough old job of taking care of everything that our bodies throw at it.

Last week we recorded a podcast on social media and how this impacts your mental well being.

As a group of girls in our late twenties we feel that our generation have been privileged (or maybe not so privileged) to have seen the world both before and after the trends of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

In this cast we discuss “The Gathering Crisis”, the live for likes, Face-tuning, blogging, networks, communities and how we feel social media has impacted our mental well being. Enjoy, B x the day had come for my class to learn about the human body.

I appreciate at this point in the post you may have the impression that I was some young, eager intellect, let me assure you, this was not the case.

you sit on the spectrum of fitness, there is no wrong way or wrong time to start helping better your mind through fitness.

The main reason I initially started to focus on my fitness was not because I wanted to win medals, it was solely to do with how it made me feel. As a person with anxiety, there is no better feeling than not pondering over the past or fretting over the future, being in t On a serious note, if you want to get into the real juicy detail around the science of how endorphins work get onto How Stuff Works and have a read or listen to the podcast, it’s super interesting and really showcases why our brains are so phenomenal.

They I speak with friends who feel when their feet aren’t moving, not in the literal sense, but if they aren’t flying from country to country, hopping from one adventure to the next, that they are confined and not achieving.

The only way I can describe the sensation is similar to that of a small burning flame; you can feel something is there but it hasn’t quite set alight.

The main reason I sat, wound up like a giddy coil about the anatomy class was, as part of my teachers attempt to engage us in the subject we got to play…. The thought of my brain simply failing to function meaning everything else would also cease to work, well, as I naive nine year old – it scared the heeby jeebies out of me!

At the time, I remember being highly impressed with my brain and the amazing things that Mrs. I thought about it a lot, I remember flexing my fingers and my toes and congratulating my brains achievements, I remember crying at the rather brutal ending of Homewood Bound (#nostalgia) and again feeling rather impressed that my brain was the reason I shed a tear, but the most vivid memory I possess was not just the feeling of admirability but of feeling rather worried (even as a child). Fast forward twenty years and the thought of ones brain simply failing to work is now no longer a silly childhood fear but at times a very harsh reality .

As I go along this journey, I want to share with you my experiences (as always a pretty honest and uncut version).