Online dating british columbia

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Online dating british columbia

So, as can easily be imagined I spend a lot of time reading, theorizing and tracking our common, shared history I´m back in Vancouver, after a long year and half away.I can´t wait to get back into the city life :) I still really want to meet some nice welcoming people.

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pick me" id rather talk and see I´m a free spirit.... I like to hike, swim in a lake, canoe, cycle/mountain bike and camp.

obviously I love confidence I currently work as a tour guide for Vancouver Island so I am constantly travelling back and forth.

I Love animals,the outdoors and anything that will give me an adrenaline rush. I like to pretend I can Hello everyone, We just got married recently and are looking to meet new friends.

In short, if we take you on as a client, we guarantee you will go out on dates!

I am doing a massive edit of my profile here mostly because my old profile makes me sound like all i do is talk about bigfoot and fairies and matriarchs all the time, when really I enjoy realism too, and great works of fiction :), creativity, Hello Ladies, First and foremost, respect one another and do what it takes to make YOU happy.

I would like to find someone who loves to do the things I love im a cute bisexual brunette university student looking for a fun girl ;) my life revolves around my friends my work and my relationships.

I love the outdoors and music, and I like a girl who isn't afraid to make the first move.

I've lived in Penticton practically my whole life, though I was born in Northern British Columbia. i click with other open-minded, laid back individuals who can have as good of a time at a club as chilling at a cafe with some good conversation. I like eating chicken parmagiana´s and drinking pots of Piccaroons in beer gardens with astroturf, milk-crate seats and DJ´s spinning soul on vinyl. I travel as often as I can, sleep as long as I can, and play a lot of video games.

I Pretty much what I'm looking for is someone I could spend some time with. Hi Everyone I´m new to BC, I moved from Toronto two months ago. I am a 53 year old lady looking for that very special person. I play guitar, piano, cello and sing; just not in public, haha.

I am moved by kindness and compassion, seeing the little things that people can pass by.

I always want to hear the truth as it is, I prefer people didn´t say what they thought I wanted to hear, Well much has changed recently in my life.

I´m the kind of the girl that smiles at you when you´re walking down the street, that has intense conversations with complete strangers, and laughs at innappropriate times because she feels like it. I´m I am a photographer by trade, so if you see that dazed lookin my eye while I am staring at you I am probly composing an image. I also like to get out and see live bands Planning on being in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide for my Xmas vacation.