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Die Tribüne wurde 1923 von Architekt Archibald Leitch entworfen.

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Consider the story of the feeding of the four thousand in Matthew -39, for example.

Der neue Railroad Stand erhielt 1.000 Sitzplätze und erhöhte die Gesamtkapazität auf 10.070 Plätze.

Damit erfüllte das Stadion die Anforderung von 10.000 Sitzplätzen der Scottish Premier League.

The first occurrence is in Gen where Lot and his two daughters leave the city of Zoar and move to a cave in the mountains.

The other ten occurrences are found in Gen 23, 25, 49 and 50 and all describe the cave of Machpelah which Abraham bought from Ephron the Hittite.

In den 1950er Jahren erneuerte man die beiden Tribünen hinter den Toren im Norden und Süden.

Ebenfalls in dem Jahrzehnt bekam der Stark's Park eine Flutlichtanlage, um auch Abendspiele in der Woche austragen zu können.

Thus there are two caves in Genesis: the cave of Lot and his family and the cave of Abraham and his family.

This is interesting in light of the fact that the author of Genesis seems to be comparing and contrasting the two men throughout the Abraham narrative in Gen 12-25.

The once wealthy man who dwelled in the cities of the plain (Gen ; ) has lost everything save his two daughters with whom he must take refuge in a cave because he is afraid to live in Zoar (Gen ).

Yet in an ironic twist this place of refuge becomes a place of shame as Lot’s own daughters make him drunk and become pregnant from their father (note the repetition of the terms “father” and “to lie (with)” throughout the story in vv. Seeing no other way out of their dilemma the daughters take matters into their own hands in order to preserve Lot’s lineage.

A careful look at the eleven “cave passages” suggests that they, too, highlight the contrast between Lot and Abraham.