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There is an online companion and a Twitter handle as well.The most useful chapters are on creating networks and tapping them for regular and strategic activities, and much more material on the dynamics and analytics of online business networking would have helped, including identifying emerging trends and research areas.

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Some of the material can be easily skimmed, and I wish there were more visuals in the book.The book opens the door to other researchers to uncover success formulas from entrepreneur hubs elsewhere in the world and in sectors other than IT, and also find more anecdotes from less-privileged and non-mainstream professionals and entrepreneurs about how such intelligent networking principles helped them.“Society flourishes when people think entrepreneurially,” the authors claim.His prior angel investing Facebook, Flickr, Last.fm, and Zynga.Reid also serves on the boards of Kiva.org, Endeavor.org, Do Something.org, and Startup America Gmail launched in 2004 but left official beta only in 2009.

“Permanent beta is essentially a lifelong commitment to continuous personal growth.“You need to stay young and agile; you need to forever be a startup,” the authors conclude.“For life in permanent beta, the trick is to never stop starting.Connect these with your passion and strengths.(i) Excel in a disciplined manner in your current Plan A (ii) Pivot to Plan B if Plan A does not work or if a better opportunity emerges. You will need to adapt and evolve forever — that’s permanent beta,” according to Hoffman.Make reversible small bets (iii) Always keep contingency Plan Z to fall back on Build strong ties and weak ties, second- and third-degree connections; leverage online social networks; create cohesive and diverse networks and bridge them; devote time and funds to meeting interesting people Build your search and network literacy, learn how to pose specific and general questions to your network, synthesise these inputs into actionable intelligence, learn how to balance conflicting and confusing inputs “For entrepreneurs, finished is an F-word. Netflix is a good example of a company in ‘permanent beta’ – it began by mailing rental DVDs, and evolved into a streaming service for TV shows and movies (interestingly, they were ‘laughed out’ of the office of Blockbuster in 1999, which eventually went bankrupt).I have summarised some of the key principles of the book in Table 1 below.

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