Outlook gal not updating exchange 2016

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This next batch of commands requires only Exchange Online powershell session (see step 2 above).

The approach is the same as above: we need to create 1) resource address list, 2) mailbox address list, 3) GAL 4) offline address book based on GAL, then 5) create a new address book policy combining the 4 elements above, and finally 6) assign the new address book policy to mailboxes, which in this case have a certain string in the “Office” attribute.

Exchange -Connection Uri https://ps.outlook.com/powershell/ -Credential (Get-Credential) -Authentication basic -Allow Redirection Import-PSSession $session Re-run Get-Transport Config commandlet to confirm that address book policy routing now shows as enabled.

Note: if you get an error stating that Enable-Organization Customization commandlet has not been run, execute it (without any parameters) and give it half an hour before reconnecting to Exchange Online and trying ABP routing operation again.

Note: the steps above grant you access to “New-Global Address List” and “New-Address List” commands that will be used later in this article.

If you cannot see “Address List” role, check your Office 365 subscription level and make sure that it is Enterprise or Education level.

According to an Apple support page, "if your email account is hosted by Microsoft on or Office 365, or an Exchange Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2016, you might see this error message when you try to send an email with i OS 11: "Cannot Send Mail.

The message was rejected by the server." The new update will now allow emails to be sent.

This makes it possible to lock down any given user to viewing contact details only of the employees they are supposed to see, creating an impression that the user is in a different Exchange / Office 365 organization. It was possible to do this in on-prem Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and even as far back as Exchange 2003.

But it is a somewhat new concept in Exchange Online and Office 365, and there isn’t a great deal of information on it out there yet.

Before we can jump into setting up GAL objects and policies, we need to grant ourselves permissions to manage address lists in Office 365 (this permission is not enabled by default).

We also need to enable Address Book Policy Routing in Exchange Online.

As announced earlier this week (right after I encouraged a couple of clients to consider using it), Microsoft closed the Premium service to new subscribers.