Overall evaluations of carcinogenicity and updating of iarc monographs

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Overall evaluations of carcinogenicity and updating of iarc monographs

To date, no more compelling data have been produced to conclude otherwise and, in fact, chrysotile’s role in the aetiology of mesothelioma is continually reaffirmed (IPCS, 1998; Straif et al, 2009; IARC, 2012).The Mc Cormack et al (2012) article omits criticisms regarding the Quebec industry-sponsored research, which they refer to and where the ‘amphibole hypothesis’ originated.

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After extensive hearings, the Royal Commission concluded that such data were lacking to implicate tremolite as the cause of mesothelioma in chrysotile asbestos-exposed miners (Dupré et al, 1984).Typical values for agricultural regions were measured in rural areas, with an increase during winter, possibly due to biomass burning.No critical situations were detected along an important highway, in spite of the non-negligible emission factors for traffic reported in the literature.Such an effect would be true for all asbestos types, including the amphibole and mixed exposure cohorts, especially given the inadequate coding scheme for mesothelioma and under-reporting due to a variety of country-to-country reporting errors (Delgermaa et al, 2011) over the time frames covered by the cited epidemiology studies of Mc Cormack et al (2012).Until recently, the coding for mesothelioma was unspecific until the implementation of the International Classification of Diseases-10 in 1994, which gave mesothelioma its own specific codes.The Mc Cormack et al (2012) conclusion that mesothelioma occurring in chrysotile-exposed cohorts is due to other asbestos types lacks justification, as it is based on lung-burden analysis alone.

In particular, the study by Frank et al (1998) using tremolite-free UICC Chrysotile B (Canadian chrysotile) has shown all forms of asbestos to cause disease, including mesothelioma.Bignon et al (2002) concluded ‘very few studies have focused on the time-related pattern of occupational exposure as a significant factor in the occurrence of mesothelioma,’ and multiple studies cited by Mc Cormack et al (2012) suffer from this lack of focus.One of the Mc Cormack et al (2012) authors (Boffetta) acknowledges elsewhere the importance of latency as the main determining risk factor (La Vecchia and Boffetta, 2011).Both SHW and CLS played a role in the 2012 JPC-SE position statement on asbestos.RAL, BC, CLS and ALF are elected Fellows in the Collegium Ramazzini that advocates the banning of both asbestos products and mining, worldwide.In an inhalation study (Wagner et al, 1974) chrysotile, caused as many mesotheliomas as did crocidolite in an inhalation study.

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