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After saying goodbye to her female friend, Selena appeared to be quite alert and walked with her new boyfriend. Suddenly, Selena’s boyfriend entered a convenience store. Later, Selena’s boyfriend came out of the convenience store and took a taxi as well.After a few blocks, Selena’s boyfriend boarded Selena’s Audi car, which was parked behind Dragon-i waiting for him.

That year, as a contestant from Toronto, Selena was the winner of Miss Talent and Miss Photogenic.Caption: Selena exclusively enjoyed using her diving glasses, Bosco didn't had concessions to engage and couldn't really widen his eye, he instantly complaint that it's 'unequal'.Even though they don't admit they are dating, but Selena couldn't help to use her tissue to help Patrick wipe his mouth, Selena Li, whose birthday is on February 12th, chose this day to be guest of [Boom Boom Ba], she could right and proper play together with her boyfriend Patrick Tang.When they saw Selena was allowed to use a diving glasses singing under water, they immediately complaint to Patrick: "Why she (Selena) is allowed to wear (the diving glasses) and I am not!" And also called Selena the whole night as Patrick's 'girlfriend', which made it a hopeless situation for this underground love couple.The pair officially ended their relationship in 2009.

Selena moved into her relative’s house in Mei Foo Sun Chun.

Although there were rumors that Patrick hoped to reconcile their relationship at the end of 2009, Selena returned to Canada to complete her university degree and officially announced her single status.

Last year, Patrick admitted that he was dating TVB actress, Katy Kung (龔嘉欣).

Taking a Detour to Meet with Boyfriend Last Friday night, Selena wore full make-up to meet with her new boyfriend and a female friend for a night of fun in the Central district.

After dancing and chatting for two hours, Selena was extremely satisfied when she left.

As rumor says, Selena Li is pursued by many, that's not surprising. Selena majored in accounting, perhaps she is well qualified in HK's Central, but the place she works at is called TVB City, who isn't beautiful there? Selena initially came from a wealthy family, but her father eventually went bankrupted.

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