Pau gasol dating girls

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He insisted that I go into the dining room with him, even though I told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea.So he couldn’t care less that I don’t root for the Lakers.

Or sometimes in the early rounds, the Western Conference series end earlier than the Eastern Conference series. The way I’m treated is fantastic in many of these cities.

So GQ asked him to check in with us periodically during this year’s playoffs and tell us about his experiences. Sometimes people come up to me and say, ’Are you a rock star? More often people will come up to me and recognize me from the games and say ’What game are you going to tonight? I’d say maybe fifty percent of the time this year, previous years. I have several girls that I take regularly that all love the game and sometimes they request a certain nights. It’s mainly logistics, but also I’m very known in the West and have great contacts.

In the past, the Eastern Conference games that I’ve gone to have not been at the expense of Western Conference games.

He keeps the specifics of his wealth and power vague, but his clout is unmistakable.

Always courtside, draped in couture and topped off with those signature wide brimmed hats, he’s recognizable during any broadcast.

I have a terrific relationship with the entire Spurs organization. We run into each other in France and we always have a little chat before the games.

Peter Holt on down to everyone who works for the team to the players to the people in San Antonio. In San Antonio, they set up a special seat for me whenever I go to the games there that doesn’t exist the rest of the season. He opened a nightclub in San Antonio now that he wants to take me to after the games, that kind of thing.

For example, both in Memphis and Oklahoma, I’m invited into the owner’s private suite before the game.

Everyone coming up to me in the media, surrounding me, the whole experience.

But I put up with that just like I put up with the drudgery of going through security at the airports, because of the excitement of the games themselves. When I go to Dallas, I am very well known through the Dallas organization.

When he first bought the team, the first Dallas game that I attended in L.

Every now and then Kobe surprises me by walking up to me shaking hands and giving me a nice smile. He doesn’t look at me and even went to the extent of telling Pau Gasol not to say hello to me. Pau and I were very good friends before he got traded to the Lakers.

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