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It is the principal city of the Alexandria metropolitan area (population 153,922) which encompasses all of Rapides and Grant parishes. In 2010, the population was 47,723, an increase of 3 percent from the 2000 census.

On average, the first freeze occurs in early to mid November and the last freeze occurs in early to mid March.

According to 'Cities Ranked and Rated' (Bert Sperling and Peter Sander), Alexandria reports an average of 69 days per year with thunder reported. Snowfall is rare, with measurable snow having occurred 27 times since 1895.

The heaviest snowfall event took place February 12–13, 1960 when 9.1" of snow fell.

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Thieves ran from house to house and even along the levee taking whatever they wanted from the shocked people. " Alexandria faced the overwhelming task of rebuilding with a year of the war remaining.

By noon the most congested parts of town were destroyed. Prices became exorbitant; butter cost a pound, bacon a pound, flour a pound, and a bushel of meal .

Tropical storms and hurricanes do impact Alexandria from time to time, but rarely cause severe damage, unlike areas closer to the coast.

In September 2005 Hurricane Rita affected Alexandria and surrounding areas, causing widespread power outages and damaging the roofs of some structures.

That same year Fulton was appointed coroner in Rapides Parish by territorial Governor William C. Porter seized three hundred bales of Confederate cotton from various warehouses in Alexandria and stamped it "U. Since he had no authority to stop Porter's speculative activities, Banks could only try to beat him to the remaining cotton. Alexandria [was enclosed] with a zigzag line of fortifications." While Banks remained in Alexandria in the spring of 1864, Porter was temporarily trapped north of the city because of the low level of the Red River, four feet instead of the needed seven feet to accommodate gunboats. 'Some cried, some cursed, some whined; and some overcome with fear, hid themselves in the woods, leaving everything to the tender mercies of the army.' Negroes were responsible for much of the plunder and pillage. Winters reports that "burning and plundering" by two Union corps, who set fire to a store on Front Street.

Army wagons were sent out in large numbers to collect the cotton. " The federal army made itself as comfortable as possible during its long stay in Alexandria. Confederate citizens as a whole were most fearful of the Union. Negro camp followers and officers' servants roamed the plantations and small farms without hindrance, bringing in their booty to camps each afternoon. Then "a strong wind spread the flames rapidly from one building to the next." Winters reports that "pandemonium reigned; frightened cows bellowed and charged through the flaming streets; squawking chickens with scorched wings tried to fly out of danger.

of 2010, there were 47,723 people, 17,816 households, and 11,722 families residing in the city.