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When a Biglaw firm builds and promotes a cross-disciplinary, globalized approach to cybersecurity, I take note.And when one of my colleagues is helping lead that charge, I feel compelled to write about it (and if I have learned anything from this election cycle, it’s that there is simply no such thing as an inappropriate time for a product plug). They are calling it a “one-stop shop” for cybersecurity risk assessments and compliance.

Senior partners, in their defense, are often too rich to care!That’s particularly true when it comes to cybersecurity – law firms can and do employ a number of people who are very sophisticated when it comes to cybersecurity matters, but the reality is that they will never replicate the resources and technical skills of other service providers.Bringing a combination of skills together, however, like the ones offered by Thomson Reuters and Fire Eye, gives us the chance to present a more robust and well-rounded offering to a potential client.JB: Is this collaboration a model of things to come? There is great opportunity for firms who are getting cut out of the delivery of legal services, because they can’t price their work rationally, the client has increased their in-house capabilities, the client comes directly to companies like ours, or some combination of the above.It’s a shame, because while we can do wonderful legal process work, we can’t offer legal opinions and advice.It’s not rocket science: companies need to understand their risks and address them. So we banded together our legal, process, and technical expertise to provide a holistic approach to assessing and addressing cyber risk within a cost-effective delivery model.

Brian Finch: While Biglaw firms have a lot to offer, the reality is that we cannot be everything to everyone.That’s why it was so refreshing to meet Brian and actually put pen to paper and come up with something that clients need and can afford. BF: To me, Cybersecurity is a fascinating issue that impacts every sector of the global economy. As technology advances, people are finding ways to exploit that progress to make economic and other gains using illegal or unauthorized means.And that is presenting incredibly unique challenges to everyone from law firms to Fortune 1000 companies.Some firms also like to stick with what they feel they are best at – providing legal counsel.That’s their decision, and I certainly wouldn’t question that.They need the help of other companies like Fire Eye and TR to understand what is going on and how to manage their legal obligations.

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