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She had spent her life in small towns on the outskirts of Toledo, working the kitchens at truck stops and nursing homes.

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She’ll be your personal assistant — one man had her research Medieval England so he could write a novel set there — for 5 a month.

Some of my passions include writing poetry/novels, exercising, cooking and training dogs”).

She then toggled over to one client’s Facebook account, where a woman had sent a naked picture not knowing he couldn’t see it.

“Members of each religion seek out pen pals from the same faith,” Lovell said.

Other sites, like Black and Pink, which calls for abolishing prisons, frame communication with prisoners as a kind of political work.

Renea read out a post that one of her clients had asked her to put on his Facebook page. “Everybody stops and looks her way, and when she talks everybody shuts up and listens,” she read aloud to her son Phil, who chuckled. ” Eventually, she drifted to other tasks: helping prisoners look up old friends, sending them stock quotes and sports scores (for their fantasy leagues), and checking crowdfunding pages where they’re raising money for legal bills.

“That’s the other type of shit that makes me hard-up! This is what Renea, who is 47 and lives outside Toledo, Ohio, does for up to 100 hours a week, stopping only for new “Game of Thrones” episodes and smoke breaks and calls from her boyfriend, Jimmy, who is currently incarcerated in Kentucky and who she met through the business.Scams are widely known to be common in the world of prison pen pals.In 2004, ten female prisoners in Pennsylvania received roughly 0,000 from hundreds of men who they’d pretended to fall in love with.She has coined her operation “Bridging the Gap.” It began more simply as awebsite and Facebook group soliciting pen pals for prisoners who submit a picture, a bio, and a fee.Such sites have existed since the 1990s, and there are now nearly 50, in addition to dozens of Facebook and Yahoo groups that together boast more than 100,000 free-worlders looking for incarcerated people to write.Renea has become part of a network of small businesses that help prisoners keep in touch with these pen pals, in addition to friends and family on the outside.

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