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Both good things I'm sure you'll agree.=0), errors thrown etc.This adds robustness but also lines of code to read. Who reads the code knows exactly what a string.repeat does, even without a line of comment or javadoc.

Even dfa's solutions - inventive as they are - use for loops inside. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

I think for loops are overused and I am trying to learn to only use for loops when they are necessary and not as a default [email protected] I'm not claiming performance or asymptotic benefits.

Rather saying that by writing less code, and using library functions rather than reinventing the wheel I reduce the bug surface area(Lines of Code) while increasing readability.

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So here's the code if anybody wants to try it: It takes 2 arguments, the first is the number of iterations (each function run with repeat times arg from 1..n) and the second is the string to repeat. So, I decided to take two variants and see which one performed better. If your aim is to make you code readable or efficient, these "solutions" are not a good idea.

So far, a quick inspection of the times running with different inputs leaves the ranking something like this (better to worse): 1 for recursion and obviously being a lisp hacker. @e5: fortran is right; this solution could be made more efficient. After 1 million iterations, the garden-variety String Builder took 2 seconds (fun1), and the cryptic supposedly more optimal version (fun2) took 30 seconds. 'repeat' could simply be rewritten using a String Builder (setting the initial capacity). I think that this question is just an intellectual effort to produce a concatenation without a loop.

"jar hell" was replied to above; commons lang is used in every decent-sized application anyway and thus doesn't add a new dependency.

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One idiom I encourage is that loop control always uses "i"; this forces only one loop per method, which means the common problem of incrementing the wrong thing is removed. Hiding the error and throwing an NPE are not cool, so I passed the error.

Edit2: I've done a quick and dirty benchmark for the 4 main alternatives, but I don't have time to run it several times to get the means and plot the times for several inputs... I wanted a function to create a comma-delimited list of question marks for JDBC purposes, and found this post.

This is one of those [email protected] I'm avoiding for loops in situations where it costs me readability, and maintainability.