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The troops were later proceeded to move into the Shawal Valley of North Waziristan, and later South Waziristan.In late December 2003, the tension between Pakistan Government and the Waziri tribes mounted as the tribe leaders viewed the action as an attempt to subjugate them.

Talking to will be a real game-changer for Pakistani music.” While he will be seen playing the keyboard, Shuja will also sing one of his tracks.

On 20 March 2004, the ISI's CAD and Military Intelligence, and a unit of troops reportedly saw a mysterious "foreigner" fleeing the siege, the Military Intelligence theorized that it may have been Ayman al-Zawahiri, It is possible that some of the (high value) suspects might have escaped through this (Kaloosha) tunnel. We don't know how effective was the cordon on the first night...during the suspension of military action The Army incurred casualties consisting of 49 soldiers killed, 33 wounded, and 11 captured (all of whom were released on March 28, 2004); the military intelligence inflicted on al-Qaeda losses of 55 fighters killed (majority being Uzbeks and Chechens) and 149 captured.

Weeks later, multiple sources confirmed that the show’s ninth edition would in fact be helmed by not one but six different producers, with Strings likely to assume the role of mentors.

After weeks of fighting, the ISPR admitted that it was actually Tohir Yoldeshev, leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, who was hiding there.) is a small town inhabitant by the Mehsud and Wazir Tribes.

The town is situated in complex series of White mountains range in western Pakistan.

A source close to Shani revealed that the qawwali that has been produced by him was to be initially recorded by Jaffer.

But Jaffer’s unavailability resulted in Shani stepping in as producer for the song.

While Haroon will team up with QB, Junaid and Momina will also collaborate for their song.

Zeb, on the other hand, is going to sing a solo track.

Air Intelligence map: The Pakistan Armed Forces troops and the foreign fighters fought the phases of the battle in White Mountains (Safed Koh range) of Pakistan, closely aligned to Tora Bora of Afghanistan.

Soon, all the strategic mountain posts were evacuated by the al-Qaeda fighters as the infantry troops had reached the top of the mountains.

Production for the upcoming season has wrapped up only recently and it was only a matter of time before the line-up was revealed.