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With military spending being the largest single item in the federal budget for fiscal 2010 and calls from Obama for a record $708 Billion to fund his wars, defense contractors get their marching orders from Jewish investment analysts who dictate contractors’ business policies from their financial towers on Wall Street.Based on a Goldman Sachs Report published on June 5, 2009, which forecasted a decline in investments in defense industries, General Dynamics announced that it was acquiring Axsys Technologies, a company that provides high-end optics for unmanned drones, in order to investors.

Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman have large Jewish banks as their major investors.

By signing NSC-68 in 1950, Harry Truman had given birth to a Military/Zionist global beast.

is currently fueled by Jewish investment banks, with Goldman Sachs and State Street Corporation at the lead.

in an effort to influence the outcome of NATO’s new “Strategic Concept,” reported the Jerusalem Post on January 13, 2010.

Participating in NATO’s Strategic Concept Seminar this January, Israel and other members of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue, joined former US Secretary of State, Madelyn Albright, who Chairs the Group of Experts on NATO’s new Strategic Concept, in expanding bloodshed and war crimes throughout the world.

American labels on foreign goods were just American wrappers on Asian products.

to consumer production and commercial markets abroad, Wall Street Jews began concentrating their finances on military production at home.The profits were much larger and the risks were zero.Reaching a position of permanence after 9/11, “Military Keynesianism” had produced a “National Security State” — controlled by Zionists and financed by Wall Street Jews.I'm so happy to be back here," he told the screaming crowds.On Monday, he was spotted dining in a Maynooth eatery and playing basketball in Bushy Park in South Dublin.He's a bit of a celebrity in Celbridge and often entertains locals with impromptu performances at the bus stop.

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