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Some fans may not know that the character Tommy Jarvis was meant to star in There was also early talk of a plot twist where Freddy turns out to be Jason’s father, but the scriptwriters realized in time that the idea didn’t really make sense.

However, the role originally belonged to Chris Farley.However, as is the case with many horror movies, gained a cult following of fans who especially appreciate the soundtrack and opening sequence.After the film was released, the lack of hype may have happened because the movie was originally meant to be a psychological thriller as opposed to a ghost/horror film.Jim Caviezel, the actor who portrays Jesus in the film, had a rough time on set.He was whipped twice by accident and was struck by lightning twice.Ang Lee also had numerous sheep-related problems while shooting the film.

This led to many sheep being replaced by digitally animated versions.Likewise, it’s fun to discover little details about the production and cast that your friends might not know.It’s more interesting to watch the end product, and it never hurts to know some movie trivia at your next party.It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the character of Gaylord Focker.However, the original lead actor chosen for this role was Jim Carrey under the direction of Steven Spielberg. meet the parents” written on it (a reference to Ben Stiller screaming “bomb” while being detained at a airport in the movie). There, a bomb squad and the FBI were waiting to question passengers about the note.cost million to make and ended up grossing almost 0 million in cinemas worldwide.