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Pat was presented with this memento to signify his participation in the aftermath of the storm.

Our town, since July 2012, is Walla Walla, which is a Native American term meaning “Many Waters.” It is also the home of Many Wineries, 140 and growing.

As always, our nuts are grown naturally in our orchard, right across the street from Hawaii’s very first macadamia trees.

They are lightly roasted and lightly salted in small batches by local macnut wizard Bob Yurth.

Well, today I was equally proud to have stood with you during Irma and the aftermath because you are indeed the best of America as well.

I believe even better days are ahead for our terrific club and I look forward to sharing them with each of you. Pat Payne “Man on the Ground” In the midst of the storm’s recovery, Pat had a birthday.

After the wrath of Irma and because of all the damage that the storm caused, Pat rode his bicycle around checking on everything and everyone in his area.

He kept all of those in the Wyndemere community and those who had evacuated abreast of the situation.Below is a picture of Pat enjoying his big day with the club staff. 3 – Jim Monnig and Sissie Blair 6 – Barbara (Brunette) Hunt and Gary Roberts 7 – Gene Carson 12 – Carolyn (Wolf) Lloyd 18 – Bob Easter 27 – Nena (Hunt) Wallace David Pettus “Aloha Sorry we haven’t been making it to reunions; but our welcome mat is out for classmates coming to Hawaii…The news here is that we are busy with our fall harvest of macadamia nuts.The following is a story that was shared with me about Mr. Wise noticed a student who was not eating during lunchtime. Wise that the student probably did not have the money for a tray of food. Wise spoke to someone behind the serving line to have a tray prepared. Wise told the student that for the rest of the year to get into this particular line and a tray of food would be provided–no money would ever be an issue. Wise had been setting back for his daughter to attend college.The student was too proud and never accepted the offer– but the opportunity was there. Wise told the same student that attendance to college was possible—tuition and fees would be taken care of by Mr. The only strings attached to this arrangement: when this particular student graduated from college and got a good job- the favor would be returned to Mr. Pride again got in the way of the student and the offer was not accepted.Pam actually works occasionally as a tasting room associate at Zerba Cellars, just over the state line in Oregon.

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