Russian woman nude whale dive

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In previous posts, we could see their projects: here The Lady of the Orda Cave and here, Natalia Avseenko swimming naked with belugas in the White Sea (12 minutes in –2C water), this project was called Princess of Whales.Viktor has recently created an amazing 3D cave spherical panorama.

Conception Bay off the Canadian island of Newfoundland is a sacred spot.

When journalists asked Marilyn Monroe in 1952, “What do you wear when you go to bed? Natalia Avseenko is another beautiful woman who wears approximately the same outfit as Marilyn did, but only when she’s going to dive.

Natalia has only replaced Chanel No 5 by a more convenient grease to protect her skin against cold injury in the extreme dive conditions. She dives completely naked in waters with a temperature of –2C.

Lawrence River once ­required chartering a helicopter or fishing boat from Îles-de-la-Madeleine, ­Quebec.

Since 2014, polar operator Arctic Kingdom has run private expeditions to the Magdalen Islands, ice permitting — but you’ll still need to get creative to snag an up-close portrait.

Viktor is assisted by his dearest wife Bogdana Vashchenko also known as “Snow Kitty”, professional cave divers and scientists.

All together, they are organizing fascinating and unique projects in the most extreme conditions.

Most polar-plunge seekers passed, unable to tote gear by sled or car across the lake. He’d been dreaming of ice ­diving the park’s famed ­119-foot Sweepstakes schooner, sunk in 20 feet.

Instead of putting in at Big Tub Harbor Lighthouse, a ­five-hour drive from Detroit, he called friends until he gained access to private cabins nearer the wreck. Sun passing through ice creates a turquoise color, unique to winter diving.

She is participating to film and photo projects organized by Russian team Phototeam.

Pro led by the Great photographer, Viktor Lyagushkin, Russian National Geographic Photographer, Nikon Official Photographer and Subal Team Photographer.

In such a dynamic environment, each crack and ice avalanche not only creates down-currents but also changes the iceberg’s buoyancy instantly, thanks to a sudden surges of freshwater.