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Prince Charles looked in excellent spirits as he sampled a local ale during a trip to a brewery in Scotland today.

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The minutes show officials knew at least 50 patients a year were becoming infected with hepatitis.

Speaking shortly before his death in April 2015, he said: 'I won't be there for my wife and daughters. I won't be there to see their grandchildren.'My wife will be on her own.'Mr Dorricott's death dated back to a hospital visit in his childhood.

A mild haemophiliac, he was given Factor VIII to make his blood clot.

That product, it later emerged, was tainted with hepatitis C – an incurable virus which attacks the liver.

In Mr Dorricott's case, it was not until many years later that he became aware he had contracted the virus.

But the new documents, unearthed by the son of one of the victims, reveal scientists were aware of the problems well before this.

At an international haematology symposium in Glasgow in September 1980, experts were already predicting problems would emerge within a decade.He knew how much he was loved.' The minutes say: 'The DHSS were keen that a prospective study of patients undergoing elective treatment requiring concentrate should be provide a collection of well-documented sera and other specimens for use in the development of serological for non-A, non-B hepatitis.'Dr Walford, 73, refused to discuss her recollections of the meeting when approached at her £1.5million home in London.A blood test in 1996, ordered by his doctor after he'd complained of fatigue, revealed that he was suffering from hepatitis C.'Mike died peacefully, with all his family around him,' close friend Sue Threakall said.She added: 'He was a wonderful man, and they made sure he was told about all the people thinking about him and praying for him.From 1990, the Daily Mail highlighted the plight of haemophiliacs infected, campaigning for them to receive compensation.