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Registration is managed by the director and will be limited with acceptable standards for teacher-pupil ratio.

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On board was “Heinie,” the Russian pony, which had been the regimental mascot ever since its capture at Rosieres – smuggled aboard at Le Havre despite the protests of immigration officials, and now, after its wanderings with the Battalion on the Continent, on its way back to Canada.

Tras haber observado los carteles mexicanos de la droga durante años, la experta en seguridad fronteriza Sylvia Longmire nos conduce a lo más profundo de ese mundo para ser testigos de una peligrosa subcultura clandestina que hará lo que sea necesario para proveer drogas a un bien dispuesto público de consumidores estadounidenses.

Concrete stoops & stairs are needed wherever there may be a change in elevation.

Tendrá amplios conocimientos de trabajo grupal y armónico y podrá utilizar dentro de su trabajo técnicas novedosas como la percusión vocal, entre otras.

¡La inminente invasión de la guerra de la droga de México!

El egresado del departamento vocal de EMMAT contará con todos los conocimientos necesarios para desempeñar cualquier tarea en el campo de la música popular como cantante.

Estará en capacidad de dirigir grupos vocales, realizar arreglos y composiciones vocales y corales en cualquiera de los géneros populares como el jazz, el jazz latino, el pop, el rock, R&B, y música folklórica colombiana.

A dense crowd had assembled at every point of vantage on the waterfront, and as the “Adriatic” drew alongside the wharf hundreds of whistles were blown, bells pealed and bands played martial airs. Beresford DSO MC, The 42nd Battalion CEF, Royal Highlanders of Canada in the Great War, 1931, page 308)The Baltic stole silently past Chebucto Head and into Halifax harbor…The Atlantic was washing on the shores of home…The 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders, came home 782 strong, of which 40 were officers. All were free, more or less, to do what they pleased. A., during the evenings; that is, all enjoyed them who were not affected by the rough weather the ship encountered. the same evening got underway for Canada, with many “Goodbyes to Blighty”. The main body of the Battalion came over on May 4th, and thereafter the time was spent in passing Medical Boards and completing Demobilization returns, after which the last leave was enjoyed and on May 31st we left Liphook Station at a.m. Towards evening the fog cleared, and the great ship continued her course…On June 13th the dull tolling of a bell-buoy came clearly through the mist, and the sea-washed superstructure of the outer buoy of Halifax Harbour slid past the port quarter.

Of all those who had sailed out of Gaspé with them in that autumn so long ago, only a handful were with them now. Beattie, 48th Highlanders of Canada 1891 – 1928, 1932, page 403)The following day they entrained at Liphook for Liverpool, were addressed by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who spoke of the new bond between the Mother country and the Dominions and wished the troops bon voyage. Bennett MC, The 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles 1914-1919, 1926, page 155)With mixed feelings of joy at the prospect of going home and reluctance at leaving England, the men, in the early hours of May 19, entrained for Liverpool where the steamship Cedric awaited them. Everyone enjoyed deck games and sports during the day and listened with interest and appreciation to the concerts, produced through the efforts of the Chaplain Services and the Y. for Liverpool, reaching the Mersey port about in the afternoon, when we immediately embarked on board the Mauretania. A short interval followed on anxious peering through the heavy fog for the first glimpse of Canada, and as the dim contours of the Nova Scotia coast loomed up, the troops broke into cheers.

We truly go the extra step to make your concrete look its best!

The Sardis Weekday School is an integral component of the mission of Sardis Presbyterian Church—both to the church members and to the community.

G-Cat provides a decorative edging on any stamped stairs or stoop.