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[Chicago radio station] WGCI was the biggest supporter — they played him all the time — and it was my favorite radio station.”Her fandom didn’t fade when Kelly was indicted for making child pornography, Pace says.Once the trial began in May 2008, she attended the proceedings every day until Kelly’s acquittal on June 13 of that year.

(While working at the Chicago Sun-Times, this reporter received the tape anonymously and turned it over to the police; called by Kelly's attorneys to testify, he took the Fifth Amendment rather than revealing sources.)Looking back, Pace says she attended the trial because she was a fan and wanted to know what happened. Prosecutors alleged that the 26-minute, 39-second video depicted Kelly having sex with a 14-year-old girl, urinating in her mouth, and ordering her to call him “daddy.” Pace says watching the video was “disturbing.” But because the girl and her parents never testified— though 14 other witnesses, including her aunt, did identify the girl — Pace says she thought, Well, maybe that’s not the girl.“Even though I had already met him at his trial, I was like literally at his house, so it did not feel real.” She remembers Kelly calling her over to the bar and telling her he had noticed her at the trial.He then asked for her cell phone and entered his number in it.He’s brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.”“I just really hope I can help these women out,” she says.“Kelly needs to be stopped.” Pace says she first became a self-described R.In 2008, Jerhonda Johnson was a 15-year-old sophomore from Chicago’s south suburbs who cut high school every day to attend R.

Kelly’s trial on 14 counts of making child pornography.

The two then had oral sex and, Pace said in interviews with Buzz Feed News and her 2010 polygraph interview, Kelly made his first attempt to ensure that she did not talk about their sexual relationship by having her write out and sign letters stating that she had stolen jewelry and cash from him and that her parents had set her up to blackmail him.

Pace says she did as instructed, but none of the charges were true.

If she would have come forward, I think it would have made a huge difference. He's free." The MTV article reported that Pace was 18, but public records, as well as Pace’s birth certificate and driver’s license, show she was actually 15 at the time; she admits she lied to the reporter because Cook County sheriff’s officers were not admitting anyone under 18 into the trial.

Outside of court at the time, she defended Kelly to multiple news outlets. Pace says she met Kelly when he was walking into the court building.

Pace's story is different than previously reported accounts because she was underage when she and Kelly began a sexual relationship.

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