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This was several years before the general service inaugurated after the formation of the Eastern Utah Telephone company in 1905, R. Miller was president of the concern, and among the others who took a prominent part in organizing this pioneer communications institution were A. He carries a general supply of everything wanted by farmers, mechanics or stockmen, and always sells at bottom prices, and his business is such that it would be called large in other towns. Fausett, whose name heads the list of two year councilman candidates, is a native son of Utah.

The other paper "starve" until the Democrats got into office.During January 1884, the construction of the log meeting house began. At first the toll line extended only to Castle Dale, but connection with the Bell System was effected in 1907 through the building of a line between Castle Gate and Thistle Junction, Supervision of its construction was delegated by the Bell firm to the Eastern Utah Telephone company.Seren Olsen, Caleb Rhodes, John De Leigh and other men cut and hauled logs from the mountain area known as Miller Creek now Hiawatha. The extension to Thistle Junction was completed on November 26, 1907 according to Albert Horsely, who was identified with early telephone activities here for many years, serving as lineman, "trouble shooter" and construction worker, among others.Sometimes an editor had difficulty in convincing his "gentle readers" that he was their leader or spokesman, but he kept trying, and to freely interpreted editorial opnion often led to the demise of these ambitious men of the press. During Kings' publishing career, a rival paper was started and from then until 1932 when the News Advocate and The Sun joined to form the Sun Advocate there were two papers published in Price.It was not long before the first publisher here ran right down the lane of his editorial column into a libel suit. From the first, one was Democratically inclined, while the other upheld the doctrines of the Grand Old Party.The first newspaper published here had for its motto, "Dedicated to the people of Eastern Utah, upon whom in the main, it depends for its support and in whose interest its influence will at all times be exerted." Regardless of party affiliation, personal animosities or weaknesses, this continued throughout the years to be the substance of the purpose of all Price publishers.

The Sun Advocate, settled in maturity, has tried to keep the force of the motto always in operation.

While he claims to be a farmer and owns a good farm, he has had considerable business experience, having been one of the founders of the Price Trading company and assisted for several years in conducting that business. Dalton, mayor) Construction of 0,000 municipal hospital completed and operation of the institution started; new units added to park system; revision of city financial system outlined and started. Bracken Lee, mayor) - New ,000,000 municipal building completed and occupied; taxes decreased and wages of city employees increased; one-meter electrical system installed and power rates revised; Fourth East street extended from Third to Fourth North to provide approach to Carbon Junior college campus and the thorough fare paved; numerous other streets asphalted and others graveled; necessary ground appropriated for college location; city exhibition grounds reconstructed, lighted and sodded; free garbage system installed; sewage facilities extended to accommodate all previously unserved areas, new white way established on Main street and Price business district provided with best lighting of any similar community in the state; final steps in reconstruction of water line taken with result that the entire system is now built of steel and cast iron; water storage accommodations greatly enlarged, featuring erection of huge steel tank; building of new sanitary swimming pool to replace present natatorium approved; many special improvement districts for streets, sidewalks and sewers organized.

He is a present engaged as a clerk in the Farmers' & Stockgrowers' store, where his services are highly appreciated by his employers. Fausett's knowledge of Price's mistakes of the past would be a guide to the future and he should by all means be elected. Olson, mayor) - Entire electrical distribution system in city rebuilt; first use of asphalt for street paving purposes undertaken; park, facilities enlarged and developed; improvements and new construction on water line; advertising of Price's attractions as a convention city started. Back to Price History Index The Sun Advocate - January 2, 1941 pg 2 This is our golden anniversary.

This is graphically illustrated by the following summary of outstanding events during each administrative period: 1898-99 (E. Horsley, president) - Tree planting in principal streets of the town; accommodations proved in city hall for newly established district court; patriotic activities supporting the United States in the Spanish-American war; stage in city hall equipped with scenery. Miller, president) - Reservoir site purchased; camp ground for freighters established, chairs purchased for town hall auditorium; north addition (area above Price canal) purchased. 1914-15 (Carlos Gunderson, mayor) Carnegie library erected and public library board formed; lighting and meter system installed; additional sidewalks' laid; ordinances revised and published in book form. Wooton, mayor) - Operation of private plant under city control discontinued, and purchase and distribution of power undertaken by the city; Colton Springs pipeline project formulated, bonds sold and line constructed to bring water; sewer system enlarged; open-air dance pavilion erected in City Park. First white way planned and supplies for its installation purchased. Conducting a law business on the side, he managed to squeeze out a pretty fair living, for a while at least.

In those early days, a great many newspapers were established purely for political reasons, and pioneer editors were considered weaklings if they did not stand positively for or against some things.

pg 2, The Carbon County News Price, Utah, Thursday April 30, 1914 Seated one day at the organ I was weary and ill at ease, And my thoughts are wand'ring idly Upon how hard I have to squeeze To pay my county taxes Which oppress me more and more; When I fell into slumber, And, perhaps, began to snore.

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