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Lloyd Christopher Danielson III was picked up on June 13 — under the influence of alcohol, but otherwise minding his own business — making his way from Williston, North Dakota to work in the region’s oil fields.Danielson is Caucasian, 52, and happened to be driving a maroon pickup truck that matched Dolin’s description, but Dolin was unable to pick him out in a lineup, or identify his vehicle.

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The veteran was in his early twenties, and “troubled,” as Dolin puts it.

He met an Amish family in Indianapolis who waved the Bible at him as his only salvation, while an older woman dressed like Punky Brewster who “wasn’t all there” interrupted just to hand Dolin five dollars. He met a man on the road who had just gotten out of jail, who tried to give him .33, the only money he had, as well as the literal shirt off his back.

Dolin said he encountered an outpouring of kindness from the poor of this country — particularly from the Native and formerly incarcerated population — and was met with general indifference from the “well-off.” Not many wanted their picture taken, but many wanted to help.

She died when Dolin was young, so he and his father grew close.

“I know two things in life,” he says, “that I’m going to die, and that my father loves me unconditionally.” Dolin extended that same compassion he had always received from his father to the young soldier.

His humor gets him far, as long as he is taking his “crazy pills.” So into the duffel they went, along with 0, his trusty camera, some MREs (meals ready to eat), a few changes of clothes, and a .22 caliber pistol for “protection and critters.” On June 4, Dolin boarded a westbound bus in Charleston, West Virginia.

He wanted to get a jump on his hitchhiking and gain some ground between home and adventure.

He learned the man had been hitchhiking from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to his home in Logan, West Virginia — a real “redneck shithole,” as Dolin puts it — only to find his belongings, bank accounts, and wife had vanished. Dolin had his own problems, but his homecomings were never so cruel.

He was accustomed to the warm welcome of his father, Melvin, an Air Force man who met and married Dolin’s mother while on tour in England.

The bullet entered through the armpit of his blue t-shirt and exited through his shoulder.

He says in the moments that followed, he was filled with an otherworldly embarrassment – an “oh shit” moment, if ever he had one, and the “veil” blinked back into place.

While prepping his roadside meal of ramen noodles, he says a maroon pickup truck slowed in front of him and rolled down its window. The digital storage card upon which all evidence of the “kindness” he encountered was confiscated. While it was true Dolin sought a quiet place for a picnic that afternoon, he failed to mention earlier that day he experienced one of his “funny feelings” — something he gets about once a year — which is a strong indication of the onset of a manic episode. For bipolar sufferers, manic episodes are known to span varying periods of time. Bipolar sufferers find themselves in situations they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.

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