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Gener, an economic refugee from the provinces, struggles to make even a subsistence living fishing the polluted and unproductive waters of Manila harbour. To make ends meet Lorna painstakingly peels garlic for hours at time earning $US1 for every 15 kilogrammes. Squatting over a tub of unpeeled garlic Lorna laments, “Whenever I have a little food, I just divide it amongst my children because I know it isn't enough for all of us.

She sees first-hand the cycle of poverty that having large families creates.

The POEA said that single women and men who are in a relationship and have plans to live together should first get married so they can live in the Emirates as husband and wife.

Being a Muslim country governed by the Sharia Law, the UAE considers living together without the benefit of marriage as illegal and is punishable by three to six months imprisonment and eventual deportation.

Pregnancies and childbirth outside marriage carry a punishment of six months in jail, deportation, and a lifetime ban.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it has a legal assistance fund to help overseas Filipinos in distress for their litigation expenses, court fees, and bail bond.

While these events were catastrophic and the consequences far-reaching, there are pernicious and equally destructive forces at work every day in the Philippines.

Affecting people whose plight is equally grim yet usually invisible, they are covered only sporadically by the media and whose existence the central government ignores wherever possible – except at election times.

In the most populous Manila slums, such as “Happyland” or “Aroma” – occupation runs at 75,000-80,000 people per square mile. This over population is, I believe, in large part due to the Catholic beliefs of many Filipinos, resulting in a reluctance to use artificial contraception or education, resulting in fisherman like Gener Pagtabunan and his family to live a life of poverty.

Gener, his wife Lorna and their nine children live in a narrow alleyway in Beseco slum crowded into a two room shack with a dirt floor, no running water or toilet, cooking on an open fire. Nothing,” says Gener’s wife Lorna plaintively as he returns empty-handed for the fourth day in a row to face the hungry faces of his children.

” Several months earlier coastal Beseco slum was hit by tropical storm Trami. We tracked down Gener and his family along with thousands of others who had been were evacuated to a typhoon shelter.

Around them were scenes of chaos as long lines of the hungry jostled for limited food.

However, those who are entitled to the legal assistance fund are Filipinos accused of murder or any case that has a sentence of life imprisonment or death.