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It means you can never let your hair down at a party again without your boss finding out: At the time of Facebook’s founding, there was no such thing as real identity online.

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The good part was that it allowed people to explore secret identities or weird hobbies online (there was a LOT of Dungeons & Dragons-type stuff) but the web was also largely a trivial experience, given that it was dominated by fictional identities that had no "real world" relevance. Google made information about people easier to find; and it made the web a cookie-rich environment, which meant that users could be tracked and remembered by web sites.“I think that’s good.” Note that Zuckerberg isn't saying that there will be a new anonymous section of Facebook.Rather, as he noted on his recent earnings call, Facebook will be developing a set of standalone apps that users can use with made-up or anonymous screen names.All of a sudden, "sexybaby69" began leaving footprints all over the web for anyone who wanted to follow them.In 2004, Zuckerberg made "real identity" the core of the Facebook offering.Darauf folgten noch ein weiteres Foto der Frau sowie ein Selfie des vermeintlichen Sittenwächters, auf dem er vor einem Victoria's-Secret-Plakat posiert.

Seine muslimischen Moralvorstellungen dürfte der Mann an diesem Tag komplett vergessen haben.Facebook is planning to allow people to use some of its apps anonymously, Bloomberg reports.This change — in terms of web culture — would be a huge historic shift, part of the three-decade arc in online history.Facebook's real ID crusade created a gap in the market for apps that want to bring back the anonymous, wild west nature of the 1990s web.Bloomberg says Zuckerberg has finally figured out that there is a place for anonymity on the web: Former Facebook employees say identity and anonymity have always been topics of heated debate in the company.If you ever used a fake screen name that you'd be horrified to be linked to in real life — like "sexybaby69," for instance — rejoice: There has been a huge U-turn in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's thinking about "real identity" and anonymous behavior on the web.