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Japanese with English subtitles In this stylish film noir, a trombonist goes on an all-night bender after his wife disappears during their honeymoon.When he returns home to find her corpse in their apartment, he sets off on a frantic quest to find her killer by piecing together a night he can’t remember.

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Japanese with English subtitles Tasked with making a vehicle for actor/singer Tetsuya Watari to croon the title song, Suzuki concocted this crazy yarn about a reformed yakuza on the run from his former comrades.Nikkatsu’s stock-in-trade at the time was (“no-nationality action,” or “borderless action”), a subgenre that sought to downplay cultural, geographic and temporal specificity in order to better target global audiences, and in many ways Suzuki proved an ideal chameleon for the job.His yakuza films pull as much from American movie lore as they do from sources within his own country’s cultural legacy, staging chain-smoking hired killers and saucy femme fatales within Kabuki-like tableaux and familiar Japanese storytelling contexts, meanwhile setting it all to fizzy pop tunes.Despite their tricky gender politics, frank depictions of sex work, and subversive attitudes toward the Japanese military, however, these films were not the ones that finally broke the studio’s patience.That honor went to , a surreal noir sketch starring the director’s jumbo-cheeked alter ego Jo Shishido that took Suzuki’s often-palpable disinterest in his pulp material to new extremes.But whatever I cooked up after that was up to me.” For him, the role of the B-director was a double-edged sword: limited resources meant both less on-set supervision and more compromise.

Like any shrewd workman, though, Suzuki was at his best when turning his limitations into strengths.

Suzuki used this classic noir material to play with genre tropes and make expressive use of darkness and light.

,occupied midcentury Japan is an icky, sweat-soaked cesspool of sex and violence where principles have dipped so profoundly that medieval torture has become standard operating procedure within a strictly governed sorority of prostitutes.

It is said that he floated for days before being found, though his next destination—the hollowed-out wreckage of postwar Japan—would hardly be more hospitable.

Desperate for work and vaguely recalling inspiring pre-war viewings of the early Lilian Harvey-starring German musical (1941), Suzuki took the advice of a friend and applied to the Kamakura Academy, a feeder institution for major studios like Shochiku and Nikkatsu.

Struck by an Allied aircraft during the Asia-Pacific War and disinvested of any remaining macho illusions of combat, Seijun Suzuki, then Pvt.