Speed dating tips and tricks

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Speed dating tips and tricks - amsterdam dating culture

ie more of your photo will be blurry, which is great for more artistic type shots.But if you want to assign particular functions to your dial and buttons, press Menu, go into the cog Settings icon and go to B Button/Dial.

To access, bring up your SCP and find it on the bottom line. I wouldn’t say this is the magic answer to getting great blur, but it’s helpful if you’re just using the kit lens.] One of the handiest things I found is to set your Settings Menu to show (the one with the little cogs icon).This allows you to do things like assign functions to buttons, get into Movie settings and access the Super Control Panel – more on that in the next point!To release the screen down, don’t pull but first nudge the left-hand corner down a smidgen and then pull. Get the Olympus Share app I’m assuming you’ve already done this but just in case you haven’t go straight to the App Store and download immediately!Being able to transfer pictures straight onto your phone is life-changing!To do this: Press the Menu button, scroll down to the spanner icon and click on that.

In that menu scroll down to Menu Display with the cogs icon and go in and turn the cogs Menu display to On. Now when you press Menu the cogs icon will display and you can go in there and have a look at the things you can do! Bring up the Super Control Panel This is something you can do on all the Olympus cameras but you have to turn it on.

Above the OK button on the back of your camera is the & – symbol which is your shadows and highlights. You can now change the 0 value of your shadows (highlighted in green) up and down by 7 each way.

Press INFO again, and you move to your highlights value.

I set mine at -3 and 3 for extra contrast in my photos.

But play around with the values and see what suits you. Set your button & dial functions The dial on top of your camera should be pre-set to change your aperture.

So if you roll this you can see your aperture, highlighted in green at the bottom of the screen change from its lowest to highest.

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