Speed dating workout

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Squeeze your glutes and raise your hips until your thighs and chest form a straight line.

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As we got older and went through our respective physique transformations, both each of us was able to draw constant inspiration from the bodies of the HEROES we admired.

So between brushing your teeth and washing your face, slate this in. And if you have a few minutes before you leave for work, try adding the single best morning exercise of all time to the routine.

And best of all, it’s only a 10 minute workout, and it requires little space, so you can do it in your bathroom.

I’m incredibly excited to write this blog post—because writing it means that I finally get to tell you all about the new program I’ve been working on. It starts with a body that is lean, The “look” is comprised of strong, sexy shoulders and a wide back that compliments a lean waist, and streamlined but powerful looking arms. This physique always looks good in clothes, whether in a suit or civvies, and rather than coming off as awkward and bulky.

That program, as many of you know, is called the is a 12-week program that will help you get stronger, add muscle, and burn fat, all with an athletic flair. And there is a level of muscularity that is above average, and even obvious in clothing. When you have the HERO body, you can don a comfortable-fitting shirt and everyone will know that they’re in great shape without looking like a show-off or a meathead.

Reach forward with your right arm and knee simultaneously while shifting your weight forward over your left arm and knee. By now, you should be more than ready for the upcoming high-intensity workout—which, by the way, has been proven to reverse cellular aging.

Next up, let’s move on from the warmup portion to the drill… It’s always good to switch your pushups up; in fact, it’s what Olympian judo fighters do to stay fighting fit. Take a big step backward with your right foot and bend both knees until your back knee is about an inch above the floor.

(Come on: snooze is the lazy man’s answer.) Those are viable ways to use your time, for sure. Before you change out of your pajamas, even before you sip your morning Joe, there’s a way to kickstart your metabolism and limber up for the encroaching day.

March in place at a moderate speed, raising your knees as high as you can with each step. After 10 marching reps, reverse arm circle direction.

It’s not like people haven’t seen a leading role in shape before. Even though the appearance of men and women is radically different, there is a certain “look” that a body needs to have to portray a Hero who can kick-ass and save the day.

What is it about the appearance of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, or Chris Evans that gains so much attention?

Raise your arms straight in front of you, parallel with the ground, palms down.

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