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If the activities of the Army in the North-East are fair, and the lands are only grabbed for security reasons, why is the Sri Lankan Army scared of Cameras?The barriers, controls and fear are in abundance where disorder rules.

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Thamil Prabhakaran from South India had an Indian passport bearing number MK 6149374 at the time he was detained in Pooneryn in the Vanni region.

I have shown those who love humanity through this documentary titled “This Land Belongs to the Army https:// , the reality of what is going on in the North-East behind those barriers, including the cold blooded murder of Tamil women, like ‘Isaipriya’.

I hope that such human love will direct the path towards justice. page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=97265 Prabhakaran uses British Parliament to accuse SL army of chemical attack February 4, 2014, pm By Shamindra Ferdinando An Indian passport holder named Thamil Prabhakaran deported from Sri Lanka last December for violating visa regulations has shown a documentary titled This land belongs to the Army in the House of Commons, alleging that the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) used chemical weapons during the final assault on the Vanni east front in 2009.

Denis Halliday, Professor Oren Yiftachel of Ben Gurion University, Israel, Professor Jake Lynch of Sydney University, Ms.

Anuradha Mittal of Oakland Institute and several Human Right Activists and many other professors, experts and activists from several countries.

I have been accused by the Sri Lankan government, of having used the British Parliament to accuse the Sri Lankan Army on the use of chemical weapons during the war in the documentary.

I have not indicated anywhere, of the use of chemical weapons nor the attack by ‘Kafir’ which could have devastated an area of one kilometer in circumference.

The GTF didn’t receive an invitation for the event.

On behalf of the ruling Conservative Party (MP Lee Scott) and the Labour (Siobhain Mc Donagh) addressed the gathering at the inaugural session.

According to the Government, the people of the North and East Militarized regions enjoy enormous independence, then why are the Human Rights activists and the Media not allowed into those areas?

While I was travelling in those areas, I was detained and after subjecting me to a severe interrogation for three consecutive days, I was deported to India alleging that I have photographed the Military Camps.

He was deported after the Indian High Commission in Colombo had been informed of the government decision.