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I’m in a normal weight range but I’m short 5’8″ and partly Italian and Spanish.

I try make my messages clever and witty so they stand out.On top of that, you are in an age range where the women have the upper hand in terms of options.It does not surprise me that you struggle to get dates, as that is common amongst men in your age bracket. I’ve had many dates over the years and have managed to have a few sporadic one night stands and hook ups.In the last year or two since I turned 24 I noticed I’ve been getting better luck with that, but still not enough luck. I’m now 26 and I’d honestly like to find something that lasts.Usually just making some fun observation or a random that I’m a fairly average looking guy.

Most people would probably consider me a 5-7 out of 10 in looks.I know that OKCupid has written blog posts about it and thrown all this data and sciencey stuff at people and everybody oohed and ahhed over the data.I’m also white, which means my personal experience on whether or not race plays a factor in all of this is limited to my own.I had her choose a specific film to make the memory that much more vivid.She chose That’s a tangible and somewhat universal experience that people can connect with.That way we stay on those sites like some Atlantic City granny who keeps sticking her quarters in the slot machine hoping for those 3 lemons to come across her screen.

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