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Breakfast: Ricotta and Spinach Frittata (you can make this on Sunday and eat it throughout the week- it will be enough for four breakfasts.) Veggie Omelette Zucchini Fritters Quinoa pancakes- just don't take her sweet topping suggestions!;) plain Greek yogurt with sliced almonds a slice or two of Ezekial bread with almond butter Wasa crackers with almond butter and a few berries steel cut oatmeal Lunch: (this is tough to separate because I eat the same things for lunch and dinner) Salad with my homemade, favorite salad dressing Pizza made in the oven/toaster oven on an Ezekial tortilla beans and avocado with salsa baked or microwaved sweet potato with broccoli and cheese bowl of quinoa and steamed veggies healthy, homemade soups Dinner: Portabello mushroom pizzas- be sure if you use tomato sauce try to avoid unnecessary, added sugar- Trader Joe's makes a great one, but you can also just mash up some Roma tomatoes to stand in for the sauce. The more colorful your plate the better, so be sure to focus on variety in your meals.


And if you're on Twitter, be sure to keep me updated via @danihampton and use the hashtag #SScleaneating so we can all follow along. But I don't know that everyone who reads this blog is in the same boat, and I would hate to make any assumptions, especially when dealing with someone's health.Thanks to Vanessa and Lindsay for your thoughtful comments on the matter that really got me thinking.You all know that I'm not a doctor or a registered dietician, but I feel comfortable encouraging all of you to just be healthier and eat REAL, whole foods.So with that said, I thought it would be much safer and a better idea to encourage all of you to eat clean for a week, beginning Monday, January 30th.All and affiliated websites, operated by Ad Fair X Consultants LTD, been voluntarily content labelled with All and affiliated websites can be blocked with free filtering tools such as the Parental Control Bar available at and by using Microsoft's Content Advisor.

Sex webcam sites are very popular all over the world and Israel is no different.You can rest assured that your webcam show will be fun and exciting every time.We also tag and categorize all our cam models, so you can quickly connect with the models that most interest you.big salad topped with protein of choice (chicken, salmon, etc.) Sweet potato/black bean/quinoa burgers Chicken Taco Stew (omit the taco seasoning in favor of your own spices- those flavor packets include a lot of nasty additives and preservatives) Walnut-crusted chicken breasts (be sure to use an Ezekial bread slice rather than the whole wheat specified in the recipe) Quick Kale and Quinoa Minestrone veggie stirfry bean burritos with fresh salsa Snacks: Kale chips Edamame with sea salt (you can buy ready-to-microwave packs at Costco) Wasa crackers with almond butter and a few mashed up raspberries hummus and veggies plain Greek yogurt with sliced almonds pieces of cheese and meat rolled up raw nuts (raw means unroasted, no salt, etc.) To recap, remember you are eating whole foods- fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy grains, nuts and seeds. The recipes and meals I listed up above are just ideas, so feel free to look around online and get creative.When it gets tough, remind yourself that this is not a punishment, it's actually a reward. Just make sure the next thing you choose to eat is on point.On Sunday night I'd recommend preparing some of your base foods so you don't feel stressed during the week.

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